Belluno (a name of Celtic origin that means “splendid, illuminated city”) rises over a promontory located near the confluence of the Ardo River to the Piave River. It stands in a beautiful frame made of the Dolomites on the north side and the Venete Pre Alps in the south side. A city that offers artistic and natural beauties and can be appreciated by everybody.

The attraction of Belluno is the tranquility of its streets, where people can stroll and stop to chat with others; in the beautiful squares, all of them characterized by a pure and fresh water fountain; in the sky colors; in its splendid panorama which allows you to look all the way to the Belluna Valley, the Dolomite peaks of Schiara, Pelf and Gusèla del Vescovà Mountains.

Belluno is a city located in an untouched valley, a city that is just a few minutes from mountain paths and wood trails. Places that always surprise you with emotions and impressions. A place that, as described by the writer Dino Buzzati, has “a special personality which gives it an extraordinary enchantment but that unfortunately only a few are able to appreciate it.” A place where “the venetian world (with its serenity, the classic harmony of lines, the ancient elegance and its unmistakable architectural beauties) merges with the northern world (with its mysterious mountains, long winters, fables, wood spirits, that feeling of solitude, legend, and remoteness)”.