What is Griglie Roventi?

Griglie Roventi is one of the most popular and loved culinary summer events in the world. Born in 2006, this Barbeque World championship gathers couples of cooks (only amateurs are admitted!) who compete against each other to conquer the highest step of the podium.

Their aim is to prove their talent by preparing a mixed grill over a limited time span, being eventually evaluated by a jury made up of professional chefs, operators in the cooking field and wine and food journalists. The parameters to follow are the meat baking, the taste, the dish presentation but also the pleasantness of the competitors! So may the cooks be cheerful, because at organizers’ discretion there is also another prize to assign: “Griglia del sorriso” (“The Smiling Grill”), for the most irreverent couple of the championship.

A kit, which includes the meat for the grill, is given out to all the partecipants. Other secret ingredients, such as sauces, spices and vegetables, are at the discretion of the cooks, who can bring them with themselves to create recipes and original presentations .

The event is way more than a culinary competition: Griglie Roventi is a real show! Bands, comedians, artists have successfully entertained over the years an audience that, in its various editions, has exceeded the threshold of one hundred-thousand people. But there is more: for some of the competitors a barbeque was all it took, as many of them found their soulmate during the competition. Not by chance, we regularly host hen and stag parties, and two of our competitors became married after they met in the gaming arena.

Griglie Roventi, organized by the agency Ideeuropee in Treviso, has become a big party for people and with people, to challenge, cook, laugh, dance and eat: ready to light the flame? We are looking forward to next edition!

For further information please send an email to info@griglieroventi.com or call 0422.308627